AISB: The most sought-after universities for graduates are those in the US, UK, and Continental Europe

Between 2014 and 2016, over 90% of AISB graduates enrolled to undergraduate study programs at over 100 universities worldwide, including those in Bucharest, more specifically, the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE).

The most sought-after universities that AISB students choose for their higher education studies are in the US – among them George Mason University, Boston University, UCLA, Berklee College of Music, and Northeastern University. Furthermore, the latter three prestigious institutes of higher education accepted the most Romanian students.

Our students come from all corners of the globe, with over 50 nationalities educated at AISB. Therefore, naturally, their choices for University turn towards renowned universities across the ocean or in Europe. Ever since their enrollment at AISB, students show their desire to study abroad at these prestigious institutions, and they are encouraged to do so by their parents. We are delighted that the curriculum that we offer facilitates their acceptance into these institutions and we are also happy to have alumni who now study at these well known universities,’ shares Dr. Robert Brindley, AISB Director.

Just as high are the applications to UK universities, highly sought-after for the Romanian nationality students where over 60% of them enroll to a university in the UK. London School of Economics & Political Science, Lancaster University, University of Edinburgh, or Birmingham University are only a few of the tens of universities to which AISB students apply for admission. The latter three are those that accept the most Romanian students.

Three other renowned universities are on the preference list of AISB graduates: the University of British Columbia in Canada, Ecole Hotelier de Laussane in Switzerland, and Tilburg University in Holland.

We are there for our students all through the university admissions process and this truly makes a difference for them during the process. Many of our students get accepted with scholarships and they finish their universities studies at the top of their classes. Many of them have significantly great results at university also, but what is more important – and the direction in which we encourage them to go – is for them to do what they love,’ says Catalina Gardescu, AISB Manager of Admissions and External Relations.

The rate of admission to foreign universities is over 90%. For 2017, within the top universities that AISB students enrolled to are George Mason University, University of British Columbia, and Teesside University.


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