The Chef Who Teaches Kids to Eat Healthily

Chef Foa is Executive Chef and partner of Flavours, a business that launched in 2002 and has seen investments of over 300,000 Euros. In 2015, the firm had revenues of ten million lei and a profit of 2.1 million lei, and by the end of 2016, they anticipate revenues of 16.5 million lei and a profit of 4.5 million lei given that the number of locations grows each year. “In a few weeks we are opening a new Stradale in the Oregon building in Pipera, a restaurant that will promote the street food and live cooking concept. Furthermore, we operate the restaurant within the American International School of Bucharest (AISB), where we have been present for a year,” shares Chef Foa. He wants to educate children to eat balanced meals by introducing fresh food, vitamins and proteins into their meals every day. These ingredients help young students perform to their highest potential which is why he cooks food right in front of them, whether it be a full barbecue meal or simply a loaf of bread. He traveled the world and brought many recipes back that he then adapted in the Flavours kitchens. “It’s an enormous satisfaction to see people from our restaurants ask me for the recipe of a dish they enjoyed, or tell me that they want to come to a private cooking class to learn more about the cuisine of a particular culture,” shares the young man. Chef Foa embarked on his own culinary journey 16 years ago and took part in many exchange experiences abroad, working in the kitchens of some of the biggest catering companies as well as some of the most prestigious Michelin star locations including ‘Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts’, ‘La Cantine du Faubourg’, ‘Rhubarb’, or ‘The Nut Tree Inn’. If he were to improve something in the food world, he says he would educate people to focus more on the flavor and ingredients of their food because “many consumes still ‘judge’ a dish by quantity and not quality,” specifies Chef Foa.

This article was translated from Romanian in line with our thinking.

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