Geography Internal Assessment Grade 11 Trip

Over the May 12-14 weekend this year, the 11th grade geography classes travelled to the city of Bratia into the mountains. Our trip was centered around our Internal Assessment as we had to collect data from a river in this area from 5 different sites.

On the first day, we were able to collect data for 3 out of the 5 sites despite the not-ideal conditions. Due to the rainfall in the previous days, the river was deeper, quicker, and a little more dangerous than anticipated – causing some of us to even fall into the river (this does mean we have some pretty great photos though). On the second day, we collected the data in the 2 other sites through the rain and were able to work the rest of the day on the Internal Assessment itself. We did have some downtime, and were able to play ping-pong or go on the zip line at the hotel.

Even though an IA with primary data collection is required in the IB Geography course, this trip was more than collecting data – it gave us a feeling of what being a geographer would be like in the real world. We learned how to use equipment we may not have ever heard of, like a flowmeter. As we were in groups of 4, this meant that each person had to be heavily involved, maybe even doing two jobs at once. This meant we all learned how to collect and represent data, while learning how to work together efficiently and effectively. It was nice to be able to work with all the geography students and be able to ask questions to them, as well as the teachers. Overall, it was a successful trip in the sense that we were able to collect all the data needed, but also learn about more than just the river itself.

Written by Robynn A., Grade 11 student

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