Melanoma May Day – Free Melanoma Prevention Program: Skin Cancer Screening

This week, Bio-Medica Clinic will be offering a special Melanoma Prevention Program to everyone at AISB free of charge. From May 15th until May 19th, there will be a vehicle placed in front of our campus offering free skin cancer screening. With the depletion of the ozone layer and other environmental events, skin cancer has been on the rise, but it is treatable if detected early. Knowing the following fact: when caught in “situ” melanoma is 100 % curable, each patient who will experience this method of screening will benefit from prevention and early detection through the MMD program.

The mobile medical unit was purchased from England and it was built for medical purposes: screening and diagnosis, by the prestigious British firm WH BENCE. It is fully equipped for this mission and the development of the program includes:

  • 0% radiation, 0 % pain, 0% discomfort, 0% effort
  • 100 % convenience, 100 % privacy, 100 % advantage

In a single word: PREVENTION

The mobile health screening unit is based on the technology of Digital Dermoscopy by Epiluminescence, using FotoFinder, equipment with the most advanced software and HD resolution camera.

If you have the chance to drop by the Melanoma May Day trailer, we encourage you to do so. Please drop in at your convenience between 2 pm and 4 pm any day they are here. Have your screening, protect your skin from the sun, and learn how to enjoy the sun during risk free hours!

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