ES Musical: One Planet Future, this year’s ES Musical production – This week!


Slap bang in the middle of an allotment, an old TV slumps on top of a tatty sofa by a fridge full of smelly junk food. A rusty bike is propped up behind, and a wonky supermarket trolley is all over the place! Plastic bags and bottles drift about aimlessly. These are the G.R.O.T. s – which stands for ‘Get Rid Of That!’, the last human words they heard! When a bright young laptop is dumped, it uses its remaining battery power to search the Internet for help to recycle them all. The Wasteland Warriors, a group of environmentalists, pick up the email and come to the rescue. While they are busy restoring and recycling, nobody notices Slick, a can of motor oil, hanging around a nearby pond! This WWF musical encourages children to appreciate and care for their local environment.

There will be 3 performances in the Theater:

  • Thursday, Feb. 1 at 10:45
  • Friday, Feb. 2 at 1:45
  • Saturday, Feb. 3 at 11:00
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