Important Notice Regarding Security at AISB


Dear Parents,

As promised, I am getting back to you with more information regarding the timeline of the future steps for security enhancement at the school.  As the date for each step approaches, we will be emailing reminders to the community.

With Immediate Effect

  1. All arrivals and exits between 8:00 and 14:30 will be made through the main Reception area. All other entrance doors and gates will be locked.
  2. All visitors who do not have a car sticker must be announced to the Security department and must present IDs to the main gate to receive a Visitors (V) badge from the Guard. This will prompt Reception to allow their entrance through the main door.

Effective December 2nd, 2015

  1. Frequent visitors (drivers, nannies, etc.) who enter the parking lot in a stickered car, must present IDs at the school Reception to receive a Visitor (V) badge. People who do not have badges will not be allowed on school premises.
  2. To minimize the number of visitors onto school grounds, all food deliveries will be made through the back gate between 11:15 and 11:45. The food containers must be properly labeled to indicate: name of deliverer, name of child, grade of child. The AISB Guard will check the packages and deliver them to the Cafeteria. Students will collect them from the Cafeteria or will receive them in their classes (KG and under).

Parents will be invited to the school starting on December 7th, from Monday – through Friday, 14:00 until 16:00, to get their badge photo taken in the Atrium.

At the same time they can register Family Aides in the school database (these are the students’ nannies / drivers / grandparents/ other caretakers).

Effective January 18th, 2016

  1. All parents who have individualized badges will swipe them at the Reception entrance in order to enter the atrium.
  2. Parents who do not have a badge must present IDs to the Reception and will get a Parent (P) badge. This process will be required regardless of the number of years at the school or frequency of entrance.
  3. Only family aides who have been registered previously by parents will be allowed on campus and will receive Family Aide (FA) badges to permit them entrance in the campus daily. Access is permitted however only to escort students in and out of the building upon arrival or dismissal or to take care of minor business at the Business Office (e.g. paying fees). They are not allowed to be on the campus premises between 8:15 and 14:30.

Effective February 29th, 2016

From this date, in order to monitor more closely vehicles that enter the campus, all car number plates will be electronically scanned to verify that they are on the school’s database. Any non-registered vehicle must park outside the school grounds.

Please contact me with any comments at  and, please keep the school updated on any of your contact information changes by emailing  Please pick up the AISB Key Contact Card if you do not have one. You can get one in any of the school offices. This will enable you to find the person / information you are looking for much quicker.

We are aware that it will take some time before all of us are accustomed to the new security measures and we thank you for your anticipated patience and support.

Best regards,

Robert Brindley, Director | Engage, Prepare, Inspire | Email
American International School of Bucharest | Phone +40-21-2044300 | Fax +40-21-2044306

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