Monthly Newsletter | Issue 3 – November 2015


It’s the long weekend and what better way to spend this rainy day than cozy-ing up at home with a mug of hot tea and the monthly newsletter in hand?

This month’s issue is packed with great stories and important updates.

As well as touching on the many activities we engage in as a community to honor the many unique nations at our school, Dr. Brindley also shares some very important new security measures that are being put into place at AISB. Please read these and be up-to-date with the changes that are happening.

Among others, our school-wide news features two student articles: Nathalia tells us what AISB’s role has been in the migrant crisis and shares what the Grade 9 students have done to support this cause, and Milana, Phoebe, and Vanessa describe their experiences as proud members of AISB’s High School Varsity Girls Soccer team, sharing what the tournament had in store for our Vampires. There is also some news on the success of AISB’s Cross Country team – which has been restarted after a 5 year break! And because it’s the season of giving, find out how you can get involved in our annual ‘Giving Tree’ initiative.

Read about the incredible success of this year’s Harvest Festival in the PTO section and find out what our students are thankful for. If you’re around the atrium area, stop by the decorations to read the many leaves yourself, and be humbled by the many things our students are grateful for.

This month’s Bucharest Buzz also features a student piece, written by Nicole and Caroline who boast about a café in Bucharest where you pay for time, not products. In this section, also find out about the importance of dental health in children in an interview with Dr. Oana Taban.

All editions of the Monthly Newsletter can be found on our website by clicking on the ‘AISB Newsletter‘ icon at the bottom right of our homepage.

Enjoy this issue and have a wonderful extended weekend.

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